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In addition to publishing thoughtful writing on a myriad of social and political concerns, The New Herald is soliciting submissions for a themed series of pieces to be published together. We will loosely call this collection of writing an issue. For our first issue, to be published in February 2019, we’re seeking submissions on the theme of Resolution. We’re interested in essays which comment on willpower, promises, broken commitments, New Year’s resolutions, etc. Authors may approach the theme however they are most comfortable doing so. Pieces should run about 750 to 2,000 words, and are due January 31st.

Pitches and submissions unrelated to this theme are also & always welcome! For more information, see below.

The New Herald welcomes submissions from any perspective, so long as they are well argued. Published pieces at the Herald take one of two primary forms: the Essay and the Reflection.

Essays at the Herald are sustained, nonfiction criticisms or commentaries on a political or cultural issue. We also accept thoughtful, cogent reviews of albums, books, and films. Essay submissions should be between 750 and 2000 words, and include a brief biography of the writer and an abstract of approximately 50 words.

Reflections are shorter, more informal considerations–often of a personal nature. Authors interested in writing a Reflection for the Herald are encouraged to contemplate and respond to themes already present on the site, as well as introduce themes of their own choosing. These submissions should be approximately 400-500 words and include a brief biography of the writer.

We will consider simultaneous submissions and previously published material if and only if they are noted as such. Notes should be kept to a minimum and formatted as endnotes in accordance with the the Chicago Manual of Style. All manuscripts should be sent as Microsoft Word documents.

Writers are encouraged to discuss proposals with the editor prior to submitting articles. Please send all pitches, submissions, and other queries to

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